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SEND diffuseur

SEND diffuse les sons préparés en liste de diffusion par de logiciels de planification musicale ou publicitaire.
Il peut jouer tous les formats audio à toutes les fréquences d'échantillonages même mélangés au sein de la même liste de diffusion.

  • SEND diffuseur
    • SEND is playing the audio file prepared in a playliste by music or traffic scheduling. It's able to play any file format at any bitrate also mixed together
  • SEND diffuseur
    • SLAVE
      ♦Scheduler stay synchronized in second Studio
      ♦Fail over configuration
      ♦When IP to on air studio connection is broken goes on air at current on air position
      ♦GPI control to switch studio main /slave.
      ♦Commutation between studio:
         - At end of current audio item
         - At current audio position (hard switching)
      ♦Can be used as Automatic playback in Master control room for emergency.
      ♦Playback actual playlist from local hard disc included all commercials
  • SEND diffuseur
    • ADMIN
      ♦Real time management over IP from on air scheduler
      ♦Real time visualization of back timing and playliste
      ♦instant Drag & Drop to insert audio in scheduler or change order
      ♦Change of Cue point
      ♦Change of mix characteristics
      ♦ Check of coherences of the sound files

  • SEND diffuseur
      ♦Plays the actual playlist as a training mode
      ♦No extra generation for training is need
      ♦No file modification is reported over network
      ♦No GPO are reported so a whole simulation is possible
  • SEND diffuseur
    • VIDEO
      ♦Low cost presentation of actual playlist
      ♦Run on a dedicated PC as full screen
      ♦The video output can be catch and distributed as a TV channel
  • SEND diffuseur