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ROTATION is used for recording new entry in the database.

The audio database is also managed here.

any file format can be imported over this tool in the database. The stored file format can be defined in the database. On importing ROTATION is able to normalize the audio and if needed convert it on the fly and in the back.

The import in the database can be done
  • over file import tool
  • direct grabbing from the CD-rom

  • Rotation
    • Importing databases can be done by:

      •    Using the import-tool
      •    Using the CD-Grabber, to rip directly from CD into any format of your choice
      •    Drag and Drop into Rotation

      Grabbed files from CD will be labelled automatically using CDDB. Mp3 and other portable audio formats will be labelled automatically using Zenon Media’s own ID3 reading module.

      More information about your imported audio files can be added using the predefined database fields. Moreover additional fields can be added to provide further information.

      Broadcast-related information like Mix-Points, Intro Outro and Cut Out can easily be set within Rotation.

      With Zenon Media’s Rotation it is very easy to manage your database:

      o    Adding sound category
      o    Renaming sound
      o    Renaming category
      o    Moving item from one category to an other one
      o    Multiple deletion of entry
      o    Coherence check of the database
      o    store your legal information for royalty declaration
      o    …

      you can import an audio format (WAV, BWF, MP2, MP3, A-law,µ-law, AIFF FLAC, AAC, WMA,...) also flash video can be imported. The audio track can be automatically extract. See how it works here
  • Rotation
    • See How easly you can import pictures from any internet pages, here in the demo the image is taken from Goggle image, but it could be also amazone, or any autorized picture supplier page.