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DELL Precision R5400

High Performance on air Workstation
The Dell Precision™ R5400 is a high performance dual socket 2U rack workstation that provides an 
industry-standard alternative to blade workstations providing fully scalable high performance graphics options.
Looking for a high-end workstation that delivers world class performance and exceptional processing and graphics
power but is engineered for a high density rack environment? Then look no further. Developed in close collaboration
with hardware and software partners, the Dell Precision R5400 rack workstation delivers no compromise, high
performance workstation technologies in a flexible 2U chassis – an ideal solution for centralizing critical customer data
and workstation assets in secure locations (data-centers, OEM customer enclosures, etc.). This is particularly attractive
for high performance clusters/render farms, crowded heat, and acoustically sensitive environments like financial trading
or factory floors. Optimized for performance, reliability, and scalability in environments where space is at a premium, the
Dell Precision R5400 lets you power through complex tasks with configuration options simply not available on blade
workstations today.

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  • DELL Precision R5400
    • The Dell Precision R5400 provides a highly scalable, cost-effective architecture that can easily be housed in a rack without
      the expense and potential redundant rack space associated with an enclosure for blades. Workstations address many
      different user needs and run a wide variety of applications using graphics and other industry standard cards. The flexibility
      of this rack workstation is enhanced by a choice of PCI, PCIx, or PCIe slot combinations in addition to the graphics slots
      making it easy to optimize for a particular solution.