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The Zenon-Media database can be connected in real time to lots of other databases to have audio file synchronized and replicate.
This synchronization can be done once or in a preset polling intervall to report all changes from an existing software solution to our broadcast automation.

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    • ITUNES synchro
      For customer having an audio library on Itunes Universal import is able to import them in an automatic process.
      Tag, metadatas and audio file can be read , converted and stored in the Zenon-Media database.
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    • Dalet, RCS synchro
      Universal import is able to synchronize in real time databases from other automation solution like Dalet , RCS Master control, Netia,...
      Over this feature your migration will bve much eaiser because in backstage all the database content is synchronized everytime up to the final point where migration is done.
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    • Folder Conversion
      Converting folder is also possible all audio format can be moved in new folder with an audio conversion, normalizing,...