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HP Workstation DC7900

HP’s most stable and secure business PCs with professional innovations such as energy efficient technologies, leading remote manageability solutions, and three flexible form factors designed to fit your specific business needs.


Latest technology:
•     The latest technology and the performance you expect from a leading commercial PC featuring the Intel® Q45 Express chipset with Intel GMA 4500 integrated graphics and Intel Core™2 Duo and Core™2 Quad processors.

Stable platform lowers your cost of ownership:
•     A minimum of 15 months of platform purchase stability enables customers to conduct long-range transition planning and maintain a consistent work environment which helps minimize IT support costs.

Security to protect your IT assets:
•     HP ProtectTools™ security software helps provide protection for your PC devices and verifies that the devices themselves do not become points of vulnerability used to threaten the entire IT infrastructure.

Superior manageability features:
•     Combining technologies from HP, Altiris, and Intel, the dc7900 provides IT managers a full range of remote management capabilities which lower maintenance costs and protect the network’s assets.

Standard dual monitor support:
•     Efficiently multi-task with simplified integrated dual monitor support through a standard VGA connector and a DisplayPort, the newest monitor interface supporting today’s digital graphics and LCD technologies.

Energy efficiency:
•     Designed to help reduce energy costs and environmental impact through the use of the latest low wattage processors and software power management tools, as well as efficiently designed cooling systems and power supplies.

Virtualization you can use:

•     Firefox-HP Virtual Browser is a virtualization tool you can use to reverse unwanted effects of browsing and downloading from the internet. It runs in a virtualized run-time environment allowing you to clear the web-content that makes it to your PC.