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EasyEdit v3

EasyEdit3 is a very simple to use Audio editing system. Working in a non destructve way. The editor is able to combine all audio format without doing conversion. Drag&Drop a file even mp3, mp2, aac, flac,... what ever, do not waste time by conversion and start immediatly to work

  • EasyEdit v3
    • As a journalist very simple audio editor , you will have all the basic needed function.

          drop a sound from database
          drop from windows explorer
          save in the database
          save on the desktop in any format
          mix all audio format together without taking care of it
          start editing while the recording is in progress
          set locator and cue
          change the level by simply ove the wave form
          cut/copy/paste and non limited und level
          normalize, stretch
          import audio track from all common video format files (mov, mp4, h264,Avi,...)
          use template for recurring editing jobs
          export to several location in one save job in many format
          generate description file XML...
          process the audio over VST plug-ins (user defined, ex. normalization, limiting, denoiser, declipper,...)
          import all metadatas files to link them to your project (url, pdf, word, excel, txt,...) Drag&Drop in project to have all your information in relation with your project
          MOS interface to link with Avid INews, ENPS,..
          interface any external control device

  • EasyEdit v3
    • EasyEdit can use a ultitouch control pad as well as dedicated button panels. Over this interface the editing enter in a new area.