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Automatic importing

Universal import is able to import, convert, trim, normalize,... all file format from any FTP , UDP or share folder.
The Audio files that you want to import in your database will be parsed and imported automatically. Attached description or the Tag3 information will be used to complete the description of the database fields.

  • Automatic importing
    • import can be done from database connection, so over this we can drectly import and synchronized database like Dalet, Netia,... to the Zenon-Media databe structure.

      Also we can use a folder conversion to use universal import as a convert tools , parsing a source folder and putting the result in a destination folder

  • Automatic importing
    • parsed folder can be on the local hard disc, connected over a windows sahre or connected over a smb share for a Linux server.

      Even it's not local the parsing can be done on a FTP folder.

  • Automatic importing
    • for any specific request instead of developping a customer special request, we can use pre or post filter to convert the file structure or filename to a matching solution by using external EXE, batch or perl files