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Sound4 FM

These cards are thus intended to be installed inside a PC in a Linux or a Windows environment.
    The Sound4FM4 card is 100% autonomous. All of the audio processing is done on the card and not in the PC. All inputs and outputs are also implanted on the Sound4FM4 card. In sum, the PC serves to feed the card; it can even “plant” and “reboot” without any interruption in sound being audible.

  • Sound4 FM
    •     * 100% autonomous in terms of resources, the card requires power only from the PC.
          * 3 inputs: AES from 32 to 192kHz, analog and PCI (driver audio).
          * Mixing and automatic safety of inputs function.
          * 5 simultaneous and independent outlets: TX1, TX2, AES, Analog and PCI (audio driver)
          * Routing of signals for outlets.
          * Relay of automatic by-pass.
          * Input of AES/EBU digital synchronisation.
          * DSP power of calculation: 4 Giga Flops (Sharc 40 bits with floating comma).
          * Operating system compatible with Windows (XP, 20003, Vista) and Linux (Debian).
          * Multicard driver (the quantity of PCI slots will be the only limit to the number of cards admissible in the same PC).
          * Start-up time of the Sound4FM4 card: 2 seconds max to be On the Air!
          * Watchdog of the PC: the Sound4 card is independent of the operating system; we can thus monitor the operating system and force it to reboot in case of a crash… all of that without ever having a sound cut-off at the antenna. This is real security.
          * Ready for the future: 100% upgradeable and rapid. While updating the card, the sound is interrupted for only two seconds.