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repondeur interactif

Le répondeur automatique permet d'enregistrer les appels de vos journalistes ou auditeurs et de les stocker en base de données centrale pour montage ou diffusion. L'enregistrement est fait directement depis la ligne ISDN

  • repondeur interactif
    • The authorized caller will be stored in a database with their user PIN code and /or their original call number. So they can be recognized automatically to insert Name and report category in the database. Each user can have several number (mobile, office,...).

      The record is done directly over the ISDN card , no external Phone hybrid or element is required. By adding additional cards, the number of simultaneous recording can grow up.

  • repondeur interactif
    • The process for leaving a message will be driven intercativly by audio files explaining the process. After recording, the caller can listen the audio, rerecord it, erase it or store it on the server.

      The database category for the dropped audio can be also changed over the interactive process. All steps that will be explained are stored as audio files. So your language is the interactive language used over the phone.

      Max call duration and silence detection is also build in to avoid oversized audio files.

      The recording quality and audio format is preset in the application