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HW Interfaces

GPIO over IP

GPIO interface 

Ethernet-input/output module with 16 inputs and 16 outputs (relays 1A)

    Ethernet interface-controlled in-/output module
    16 relay outputs and 16 optocoupler inputs
    One LED status indication for each input and output state
    Timeout output protection
    Galvanic input isolation using optocouplers
    Galvanic output isolation using relays
    DIN rail module
    Pluggable terminal block

  • GPIO over IP
    • Ethernet-Interface
      Power Supply     7 to 24V DC (by a double-pole pluggable screw clamp)
      Interface     10/100 Mbit Ethernet
      Configuration over web interface (IP-addr, netmask, ...)
      One LED for each 3,3V and 5V voltage feed
      Control-LED     Ethernet activity
      Input state change (only for digital outputs)
      Timeout (only for outputs)
      I/O Module access

      Inputs     16 Opto-In-Inputs
      Galvanic isolated using optocoupler
      24V AC switching voltage (optional as well available for 15V, 12V, or 5V)
      16 Bit-counter per input channel
      Logging of impulses between 2 read out cycles
      Activity-LED     A LED for each input channel
      Connectors     16 pin pluggable terminal block each 8 inputs

      Outputs     16 Relay output
      Galvanically isolated using relays
      Max. switching voltage: 36V AC
      Max. switching current: 1A AC
      Max. switching power: 20W
      Activity-LED     A LED for each output channel
      Connectors     16 pin pluggable terminal block for each 8 outputs

      Operating temperature     +10°C...+50°C
      Dimensions     126 mm x 126 mm x 31 mm (lxwxh)

  • GPIO over IP
    • Power Supply     85 .. 264V AC (47 .. 63Hz)
      120 .. 370V DC
      Input (bei 230V)     0,6A
      output     24V
      output     0...2A
      Activity-LED     LED for Power-On
      Operating temperature     -20°C...+60°C
      Dimensions     78mm X 93mm X 56mm (LxBxH)