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Inumerica Link

Automatic data exchange with iNumerica File transfert

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  • Inumerica Link
    • iMediaSources is a module integrated into major broadcasting softwares, which enables directors and radio schedulers to access consultations with several million phonograms and their associated metadata - back catalogue and new releases - as well as various music library catalogues.

      This module is available with a subscription service, offered in conjunction with Music Story.

      For our partners who are providers of broadcast software solutions

          It is an opening up on IP to the multimedia content expected by their clients - Radio, TV and advertising

          It enables access to a wealth of multimedia content that is completely integrated into the production / broadcasting chain.

      For producers and publishers

          It is promotion for the broadcasting of their audio and video content

      Interest for the radio

          Better management of content and quality of metadata
          Optimisation of broadcasting reports
          Facilitation of copyright searches and automation of rights declarations
          Improvement of cooperative work between animators and directors, creation and exchange of playlists in local and remote mode