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Musicmaster RTC (real time change)

a direct link exist with the Musicmaster database to change in the playlst audio item with some other compatible respecting the rotation rules in the music scheduling

  • Musicmaster RTC (real time change)
    • Designing and making adjustments to clocks in MusicMaster for Windows is very easy. You visually see the effects of any change as you make it. You can drag or swap elements with just a mouse click. Numerous scheduling options are available for each element, allowing you to give the software even more flexibility to create a better log and less time editing.
  • Musicmaster RTC (real time change)
    • If deciding what rules to put on your music is not your most favorite thing to do, try the improved Rule Wizard in the Rule Tree™. From minimum rest, to keyword separation to coding and even hour rotation, let us do the calculations to maximize the potential of your database. We’ll tell you which rules will be no problem, which rules should be made harder and which may be too tough. You can pick and choose which rules you’d like to implement with one click or you can pick the whole list!
  • Musicmaster RTC (real time change)
    • In the scheduler on air or in any Administration view synchronized over TCP/IP you can request alternate titles matching all the planification rules set in Musicmaster

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