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Metadatas export

Playlist export

Exporter les playliste en temps réel dans n'importe quel format. L'export peut être un fichier PHP, HTML, XML,... Le transfert vers le provider par FTp est aussi automatisé et fait parti de ce module. Vous pouvez exporter tout ou partie de la playliste directement sur vos compte facebook, twitter,..

  • Playlist export
    • The playlist can be exported according your self made templates. So you can define all the tags , format yourself, and insert in the template any field from teh database fot the Item you want to export.

      In this way export can be easly done in a XML, JSON PHP, TXT or whatever format wihtout any compilation or modification in source code of the application.

  • Playlist export
    • Directly from this application you put your metadatas to the shoutcast/icecast server by sending Http post request. You can generate as many http request as you want, to access several location with the needed information over standart http post request.

      The Post request can be freely defined and can also contain any item database information.

      A direct post to your Twitter or Facebook  account is also embedded.