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Metadatas export


Hook Generator export all or some of the hooks of the on air database.

Typically usage is to build on the Web page a database with the title stored by airtime where over the front end the song can be searched. Refrain part of the proposed song can be played directly.

  • Hookgenerator
    • The real time connection to the on air database scan every time intervall if new hooks are build, and export them to a specific folder.

      Each hook will be build with a description XML files containing all information for an internet provider.

      The exported hook file format can be defined.

      Together with the hook file some liner /station id can be add in the beginning and the end of the hook.

      So that the generated hook is part of some radio station id.

      The category and/or the name of the hook can be chosen so that not  all hooks of database are exported but for eample only the "Refrain" part.

      XML export format can be defined in a template so that each Radio station is able to define the needed RSS or XML file.