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HW Interfaces

Fader Box

Voice tracking control panel, used to simulate the transition of 2 audio item like on the on air mixing console.

  • Fader Box
    • The touch of the voice insert is more natural as if you make it over mouse control. The animator listen in real time to the audio transition and control the level with the fader.

      3 fader :
      2 for controlling the Cross mix level (channel A&B)
      1 Mic level control. This will be able to control the input level of the soundcard. The audio of the record is not going through the voice track box, but the fader will control the line in level.

      Start / Stop Button:
          To open the channel (or the Mic) there are similar button as on the mixing desk

      SAVE, CANCEL,…
          A range of button are used for save, cancel, play,  Also some free define buttons are available.

      Connection to PC is done over CAT5 cable. The power supply for the fader box is also  wired over CAT5 and is taken from USB port of the PC

      Other side of the adapter is directly plug in the RS232 of the PC