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on request by opening a fader, pressing a button , start on time or receiving a dry contact you can start a record, store it in any quality directly in the database.

  • Autorecording
    • AUTORECORDER is used to record sound files.
      The recording is started by external contact, detection of modulation or by timer.
      Each external signal generates a different audio file, so for different relays, several files are recorded in several directories.
      These files can automatically be named.

      can run on several audio cards simultaneously. Only the number of audio cards or the number of audio inputs on each PC defines the number of simultaneous records that are possible.

      Several recordings can be programmed on each audio card.

      Pre-record several seconds before the start record trigger is set.

      Start and stop of recording can also be done by modulation detection, this is very useful, when no relay signal can be given.

      Recording can also be done on a specified hour for a predefined length.

      AUTORECORD can be used to rebroadcast while recording. The start point can be set on the audio fle. An external trigger will start the rebroadcast while recording.