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Metadatas export

Shoutcast stream driver

Requested by the increase of the thematic channels and the web streaming, ZENON-MEDIA has developed an ASIO Driver able to connect directly to shoutcast or Icecast2 Server. So any ZENON-MEDIA software application is able to see “virtual” soundcards to play directly to the shoutcats/icecast server.

  • Shoutcast stream driver
    • No external part of software like Oddcast or winamp is requested. The driver does the shoutcast format encoding on the fly. So not depending on the original file format, the stream can be reencoded in any stream format and any bitrate.

      The Shoutcast channel will be listed in the device list like any ASIO driver. So in the software application, users just select the shoutcast driver to address the audio output to the shoutcast server.

      The power of the driver is that the amount of “vitual” devices can be set in the configuration. Any computer can control as many devices as the CPU support. So for example on a Xeon 2.5 Ghz, ZENON-MEDIA is able to broadcast around 30 audio streams. Using a blade Server on a 5U 19” Rack we can deliver up to 200 thematic streams at the same time.

      The driver is compatible with any player able to control ASIO driver and can be used as a “normal” audio driver
  • Shoutcast stream driver
    • Shoutcast driver can be used for any ASIO compatible audio software like Audition,...
  • Shoutcast stream driver
    • Driver selection in SEND application. Each application can choose the selected channel. Several SEND can be launched on the same machine