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Mail receiver POP3

Receive some audio file with metadatas over e-mail and integrate them automatically in the Zenon Database is done over the software module POPextract

  • Mail receiver POP3
    • You want to send some audio file from any outdoor journalist, music guys or external stage by e-mail. These file can be integrated directly in your database by writing their metadatas in the body of the mail and put the audio as attached file. Send this e-mail to a dedicated email address on your mail server , the POPextract software will take this mail and include the content in the database automatically.

      The information of the mail are fetched in XML, TXT or HTML files depending of the template used. These can be defined by the enduser.

      File conversion is naturally done on the import process.


      This application is developped under our new process and is available under Windows32, Windows 64, Mac OsX ,linux 32 bits and Linux 64 bits

  • Mail receiver POP3
    • access to the mailbox is controlled by any of the actual security level, encryption, SSL acces, usual authentifcation step (Login, plain, CRAM...) So that you audio files sent by mail can be high level secured

  • Mail receiver POP3
    • view of the POP3Extract main window a Windows Xp application