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Audio Logging

Universal Aircheck is a product designed to record 24 hours a day the on air broadcasted audio. The amount of channels and the duration of record is customized. Recorded audio format also

  • Audio Logging
      the playback and the search operation of the recorded audio is done on a PC over the network. Extract of the recorded audio can be made by selecting a region of audio (start and end date and time). After them the export can be converted in any format. In the player, the channel, date and time can chosen.

  • Audio Logging
    • Audio logging system for long time recording

      The recording of the audio data is done over standard audio card using a compression algorithm and the data is stored on hard-discs.

      Depending on the compression rate, different bandwidths can be achieved. They range from 4 kHz bandwidth mono, requiring a bit rate of 8 KB/sec., to 20 kHz stereo, which requires a bit rate of 80 KB/sec.

      The compression is realised in MPEG 1 Layer 3 or MPEG 1 layer 2 . So an access over Internet or Intranet on the archive is possible.

  • Audio Logging

      If some position in the recording needs to be set, the Pointer Software record the GPIO in the modulation.

      Later on it will be easy to find out, the locator in the long time recording.

      This function can be used for record locator for the live speaking or commercial play out position in a program.

      In the AIRCHECK PLAYER, a direct extraction of modulation between locator is possible.