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dedicated Keyboard

A wide range of specific Keyboard is supported by our interface. Your own design, color of the keys is for sure possible. Table top or mounting version are available. So a desk mounting is possible.

All electronic components and mechanical guides are protected against ingress of dust and water spray (protection IP 65).
Convenient and positive operation due to the 3.25 mm travel keys with tactile feel.
All keys totally and freely programmable. All keys can be programmed with data strings up to 16 (optionally: up to 32) digits (only with DIN-u. PS/2-connection, USB-connection must be programmed by us as required).
The button symbols are self printed (protected with transparent caps) or of us laser engraved on request.
Button layout free choose (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, also see special versions)
The enclosure has been made in a matching design to our DS 102 W standard keyboard, thus it can be ideally added as an additional keyboard.

  • dedicated Keyboard
    • small keyboard with 30 single keys , can be changed to have double  or quad keys.

  • dedicated Keyboard
    • larger keyboards with 60 single keys can also be freely designed

  • dedicated Keyboard
    • Mounting version can be used to be inserted in the Desk. So no table top unit is on the desk and can perfectly be integrated join to the mixing desk.

  • dedicated Keyboard
    • Cable is connected over serial link, so the extension of teh keyboard can be done ver a KVM extension with serial port. The power of the keyboard is taken from USB port. No external power supply is requested.