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HTML Viewer

show on any screen metadatas information linked to an audio item. This metadainformation is stored in HTML format. So any information type (text, picture, video embedded, or haperlink) can be displayed

  • HTML Viewer
    • For each audio title, additional information (details concerning a title, an interpret...) are displayed in 3 windows on the computer screen, in form of HTML files. So Text, pictures, HTML links or video streams can be showed in these windows. Two windows are used to transmit global information of a song, the third one is used for a dedicated announce at a defined location in the scheduler.

      Broadcast presentations are indicated in those two windows.

      Accompanying texts for reports can be read on the screen.

      The running of the text is synchronised with the scheduler, so that after the title intro-time, when the announcement is read, the next moderation is shown.

      If a PFL (Pre Fader Listening) action is made on the scheduler, the corresponding text is displayed on the screen in real-time.

      By selecting a song in the databse search Tool (Browser) the text is also displayed.

      Presentation, size, form, text font and text size can be freely defined, so TEXT is perfectly adapted to all the readers requests.