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VX1222 - 6 AES&sym

The PCI Express versions of the VX1222HR sound card for linear-audio-based live-assist systems. Exacting specs, outstanding quality, absolute reliability and total connectivity make this new generation the number one choice for pro audio manufacturers and software vendors. The VX1222e multichannel sound card shares the same features as the HR series and integrates seamlessly with the same professional audio software.

  • VX1222 - 6 AES&sym
    • VX 1222e

      This sound card is visiblu ready: get connected to the world of distributed IP audio. A solution based on visiblu®, the Network Audio Operating System by Digigram, takes advantage of their power for low latency wide area network encoding and processing, whether they are located next door or hundreds of miles away.
          PCI Express linear sound card with 1 stereo input and 6 stereo outputs:

      * Key features: Analog and digital I/Os
      * Up to 24-bit/192 kHz
      * Six different stereo feeds plus simultaneous program recording, only one PCI Express slot required
      * Comprehensive set of Windows® drivers: Digigram np,WDM DirectSound (digitally signed by Microsoft®),Wave, ASIO
      * Optional breakout box

  • VX1222 - 6 AES&sym
    • VX 1222 HR

      The VX1222HR takes linear-audio-based live-assist systems from four to six stereo outputs in a short-length PCI format. Benefiting from the key features of Digigram's new High Resolution series, this multichannel sound card provides Digigram audio quality and reliability to professional users working with software based on standard WDM DirectSound, ASIO, WAVE, or Digigram np interfaces.

      With only one PCI slot occupied in the host computer, it is possible to feed six different stereo signals, for example three different play-lists, advertising, jingles, and a cue output, to the production console, while recording simultaneously the program to harddisk. The VX1222HR supports the simultaneous play-out of two 5.1-surround signals.
          Key features:

          * VX sound card with 2 inputs and 12 outputs, in both analog and digital formats
          * Short-length PCI format (only 175 mm/6.875 inches long)
          * 24-bit/192 kHz converters
          * +24 dBu max input and output levels
          * 66 MHz/64-bit PCI interface
          * Extremely powerful DSP
          * Comprehensive set of drivers: Digigram np, WDM DirectSound, Wave, ASIO
          * Hardware sample rate converter for recording of a digital signal with a sample frequency different of the internal clock
          * Companion board connector for Digigram or custom add-on cards
          * Optional rack mountable breakout box