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mixtreme 192 - 8 TDIF

With a host of groundbreaking features including 16 simultaneous inputs and outputs and a powerful on-board DSP for mixing, effects and processing, and supported by the most flexible mixing solution available anywhere, the original Mixtreme was so ahead of its time that, five years after its launch, it remains a favourite of many computer-based recording studios. Indeed, even today its feature set can only be approached by a combination of at least two different cards (one for I/O and one for effects), without the benefit of its exceptionally flexible mixer software and for considerably more money. This made the first generation Mixtreme unique… until now!

  • mixtreme 192 - 8 TDIF
    • Quick facts...

          * PCI audio card with embedded DSP and 16 channels of digital I/O.
          * Up to 16 input and 16 output audio streams simultaneously.
          * Up to 16 audio streams in each direction between the Soundscape Mixer and the host PC.
          * Ultra low latency WinXP/Win2K drivers with true multiclient support (ASIO-2, MME, WDM, GSIF).
          * Completely configurable real-time mixer and patch bay.
          * True zero-latency DSP based high quality plug-in support from Sydec Audio Engineering and third party developers.
          * Seamless integration of VST & VSTi plug-ins (VST & VSTi native audio processing remains on PC).
          * 16 channel TDIF I/O at up to 48KHz.
          * 8 channel TDIF I/O at up to 96KHz.
          * 4 channel TDIF I/O at up to 192KHz.
          * Video sync input.
          * WordClock input/output.
          * 2 channel S/PDIF I/O at 48/96/192KHz (optional daughter board).
          * Comprehensive range of TDIF based I/O devices available (balanced/unbalanced analog, mic preamps, AES/EBU, ADAT).

      Mixtreme 192 incorporates all the benefits of the classic Mixtreme in a new card, ready for further development, offering:

          * A 128-column, fully user-configurable DSP-powered software mixer based on the mixer section of the Soundscape Editor.
          * Support for exclusive DSP-powered effects and processing with plug-ins from Sydec Audio Engineering and other world renowned developers such as Drawmer, Cedar Audio, TC Works, Dolby Laboratories Inc., Aphex and more…
          * Direct compatibility with VST and VSTi plug-ins in V4.0/4.1 of the Soundscape Mixer software (VST and VSTi plug-ins running on the host computer’s CPU can be inserted anywhere in the Mixtreme mixer just like DSP-powered plug-ins).
          * The outstanding stability guaranteed by Sydec Audio Engineering’s experience in designing no-compromise, professional digital audio solutions.
          * Low latency and extensive, true multi-client compatibility with Windows applications with first-class driver support.
          * Multiple inputs and outputs and compatibility with the comprehensive Soundscape iBox range of format conversion units.
          * Support for sample rates up to 192kHz.
          * A competitive price tag that will appeal to every studio owner.

  • mixtreme 192 - 8 TDIF
    • Similar to the iBox 64-MADI-TA but without the MADI connectivity, the iBox 48-TA finds many applications. It is ideal for multi-channel analogue/TDIF conversion when connected to a Soundscape 32 or compatible DAW. When used as part of a Mixpander Bundle, it provides 24 analogue inputs and outputs and 12 or 24 TDIF inputs and outputs. If more analogue connections are required, the 3 TDIF ports can be used to hook-up another iBox 48-TA. They can also be linked to several 8-channel units like the Apogee I/O 896 or Soundscape ADDA 2408-R.

      The back panel features

          * 1 TDM Expansion Bus port for connection to a Mixpander.
          * 3 TDIF ports providing 24 inputs and 24 outputs at up to 48kHz, and either 24 inputs and 24 outputs at up to 96kHz (Sydec “single wire” mode) or 12 inputs and 12 outputs at up to 96kHz (Tascam “double wire” mode).
          * 24 balanced analogue inputs and outputs at up to 96kHz on sub-D connectors (for use with sub-D to XLR looms).
            Please note: Suitable Sub-D to XLR looms are available from the Sydec Online Shop.
          * An IEC connector for the self-switching, 90-250 VAC power supply.

      The aluminium front panel features, from left to right

          * The power switch.
          * A stereo headphone output.
          * The input/output routing matrix, used to set up global connections between the TDIF and analogue inputs and outputs and the TDM Expansion Bus port. When the unit is connected to a Mixpander the inputs and outputs can be routed individually from the Soundscape Mixer software. So for example, input 1 could be set to TDIF, output 1 could be set to analogue and so on: all combinations are possible.
          * The Sample Rate selection button, used to select a sample rate when the iBox is the Clock Master, and Sample Rate indicator LEDs.
          * The Clock source selector: the source can be internal (the iBox can generate WordClock), external (WordClock or SuperClock signal received via the input connector) or TDIF.
          * A metering section for the analogue inputs and outputs with an AD/DA selection button and mode indicator LEDs, and 24 tri-colour LEDs to indicate 30dBFS (green), -3dBFS (orange) and 0dBFS (red). This section also features an “XS” LED that indicates various operation or setup modes.