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Playout Stats


Check the commercial playout automatically by doing a comparaison between played spot and planned spots

  • PubDif
    • The main view shows if the planned spots are all played at the right time, make a check if the played length if equal to the booked one, crosscheck if some spots was planned and not played or other way, spot was played but not planned.

  • PubDif
    • on the main view you can clearly and quickly see what happens in the commercial playout of all your regions if you have more than one in some regional splitting concept.

  • PubDif
    • An export file can be reported as Csv or txt format so that you have a print out of the situation. 

      Commercial break by commercial break you have a detail print our of what happend on air.

      The end of the file is showing as reminder the differences between planification and play out reconciliation for the whole day.