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Voice Tracking


The grafical interface control by mouse or dedicated fader box is the easiest way of making your mixing between songs , add voice over and put if required also some transition jingles.

  • Voicetrack
    • ♦ Connect to SEND over IP
      ♦ Record the speech while simulate audio transition
      ♦ Record in any format (mp2, mp3, wav,...)
      ♦ Record over any soundcard
      ♦ Drop Jingle over the transition and the speech
      ♦ Voice tracking done somewhere in LAN/WAN is reported in real time on air
      ♦ Possibility of voice tracking over Internet
      ♦ Fade in /out control by external fader box connect to any PC over serial link
  • Voicetrack
    • The fader box is the best interface for a quick voice recording and transition preparation, it simulate, over a robust controller, the cross mixes that a DJ is doing on air. all the slide position are stored in the playliste and will be reproduced later on air.
  • Voicetrack
    • voice tracking can also be conrolled by Ipad as hardware interface with multi touch fader control

      See how it works here