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Visu & contrôle


Visualise sur un écran toutes les informations utiles au studio ou en salle technique. Les informations présentées sont mises en forme comme vous le souhaitez.

  • Display
    • Zenon Display offers a bundle of widgets, which can be controlled over GPIO’s.

      Communication is done via network and multiple connections from different machines are supported.

      Zenon Display is a cross platform application, suitable for embedded Linux devices as well as standard Microsoft Windows workstations.

  • Display
    • you can display some trigger status in several widget and define their color, or you can view the level of some critical modulation, peak meter can be horizontal, vertical, Clock and timer can also be used

  • Display
    • you can define some Fields as blinked fields to bring them in front as Eye catcher

  • Display
    • on any position you can insert pictures or timers, so a back or up-timing can be displayed for example while a mic is open.

      Text or picture information can be read in real time from external files, so information written by third part can be also inserted dynamically (info like external temperature, running title, scrolling text information as studio information, current song Cd cover,...)

  • Display
    • Information can be taken in real time from Internet. So displaying temperature or weather forecast is not a pb.

      All charset can be used, even chinese or arabic.

      Scrolling text are also embedded