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Produits Radio / HW Interfaces

HW Interfaces

external control

Any kind of interface are linked to the software. so not only mixing desk will be used as hardware interface over their protocole, but some dedicated keypad are connected to fullfill an ergonomical way of computer interface.

A sample of the existing interface:

Module                        Device
ZenonIOBox                  I/O interface Box
ZenonIOFaderBoxII        voicetracking fader box
ZenonIOJoy                   Joystick port
ZenonIOPREH                 PREH keyboard
ZenonIODHD                  DHD mixing desk (RM3200D & RM4200D)
ZenonIODHDIP               DHD mixing desk (RM4200D) with TCP/IP   connection
ZenonIORM2200D           DHD mixing desk (RM2200D)
ZenonIOSAS                   SAS protocoll used by some mixing desks (LAWO, STUDER, ...)
ZenonIOLogitek               Logitek mixing desk
ZenonIODirectConnect     Direct serial connection
ZenonIONetConnect         Direct network connection
ZenonIOKeyboard            Standard keyboard
ZenonIOOlympus             Olympus 4 contacts pedal
ZenonIOShell                  Execute a shell command
ZenonIOSony9Pin            Sony interface (for remotes, CD players, DAT players, ...)
ZenonIOModulationControl Control the level of an audio input
ZenonIOScheduler           Generates outputs according the a programmable scheduler
ZenonIODigigram             Digigram GPIOs
ZenonIOMixer                  Windows Mixer
ZenonIOSerial                  Free text based RS232 protocol
ZenonIONet                     Free text based TCP protocol
ZenonIOFileJob                Trigger an input using a job file
ZenonIOQuancom            Quancom cards or USB devices
ZenonIOAxia                    Telos Axia mixing desk
ZenonIOAdvantech           Advantech 1760 GPIO card
ZenonIOAdlink                 Adlink 7250 GPIO card
ZenonIOProBel8               ProBel SW-P-08 protocol (for Studer R6000 for exemple)
ZenonIOOSC                   OSC protocol support
ZenonIOBD600                Eventide BD600 broadcast profanity delay (also  BD500)

  • Touch panel interface

    Multitouch panel interface can be used connected over a Open sound Control link. This interface can be used as a voice tracking hardware controller, an audio editor interface or an... View Details
  • Fader Box

    Voice tracking control panel, used to simulate the transition of 2 audio item like on the on air mixing console.... View Details
  • GPIO over IP

    GPIO interface 

    Ethernet-input/output module with 16 inputs and 16 outputs (relays 1A)

        Ethernet interface-controlled in-/output module
        16 relay outputs and 16 optocoupler inputs
        One LED status... View Details

  • GPIO Box

    External 19" box
    16 GPI Inputs – 16 GPO Outputs pro device can be cascaded

    Size:        483 x 140 x 44 mm (WxLxH)
    View Details

  • Advantech PCI


    PCI-1760 - 8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input Card RoHS
    8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input Card

    Main Features Universal PCI card, for 3.3 V... View Details

  • Adlink PCI-PCIe

    the Adlink Card is available in PCI, PCIe oder PCI Low profile. So any kind of integration can be covered by this GPI Card

    8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH... View Details

  • USB GPI or GPO

    An USB interface can also be used to connect GPI or GPO on the computer


    USB Opto Module with 8 opto inputs

    8 Isolated inputs ( 5V...30V )
    All... View Details

  • dedicated Keyboard

    A wide range of specific Keyboard is supported by our interface. Your own design, color of the keys is for sure possible. Table top or mounting version are available. So... View Details

  • Joystick port

    Also the 4 contacts from Joystick port can used as input GPI

    ... View Details
  • DHD mixing console

    All the product range of the digital mixing console of DHD are integrated with a high level communication protocole (serial, TCP/IP,...)

    ... View Details
  • AXIA audio console

    The Livewire AXIA protocole is embeded in our Software solution. Audio and control of the AXIA mixing console is done over TCP/IP

    ... View Details
  • Studer mixing console

    The studer mixing console are linked to the Zenon-Media automation over the serial port.

    ... View Details
  • LAWO mixing console

    The LAWO console can be linked to our Automation over serial or TCP/IP Protocole. Controlling of fader level switching point, use the virtual studio possibility is embedded in the integration

    ... View Details