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Zenon-Media software solution support WDM and ASIO soundcards. Some cards are often used in our integration and give a perfect reliability

The audio cards are listed by amount of stereo out

  • SSL MADI 128 / 64

    High-speed MADI I/O

    MadiXtreme is a new family of multichannel PCIe audio cards for Mac and PC from Solid State Logic. Featuring our revolutionary PCIe-Core Audio Pipeline technology, MadiXtreme... View Details

  • DANTE up to 64 channels

    The Dante Virtual Soundcard software allows your PC/Mac to connect to a Dante audio network.  Dante Virtual Soundcard uses the Ethernet port on the computer to communicate with... View Details

  • Audio over ethernet

    With up to 64 inputs/outputs, the LX6464ES  combines the widely used EtherSound technology for distributing real-time audio over Ethernet with Digigram’s sound card expertise. Professional audio software applications now have... View Details

  • 32 MADI

     The Hammerfall DSP MADI is RMEs both inexpensive and outstanding PCI card with MADI interface. Hammerfall DSP MADI is based on the award-winning Hammerfall DSP technology, and represents the top... View Details

  • 16 stream

    The Axia Windows® Driver connects PC audio directly to the network via Ethernet and without sound cards. This software works with delivery systems and editors that support... View Details

  • AES16 - 8 AES

    The AES16 offers unprecedented AES/EBU channel capacity and routing flexibility in a single PCI card format. With support for up to 16 channels of input and output at sample rates... View Details

  • HDSP AES-32 - 8 AES

    The Hammerfall DSP AES-32 is a short-length PCI card with AES/EBU interfaces. It provides eight AES inputs (16 channels) and eight AES outputs (16 channels) at 192 kHz sample rate.... View Details

  • mixtreme 192 - 8 TDIF

    With a host of groundbreaking features including 16 simultaneous inputs and outputs and a powerful on-board DSP for mixing, effects and processing, and supported by the most flexible mixing solution... View Details

  • VX1222 - 6 AES&sym

    The PCI Express versions of the VX1222HR sound card for linear-audio-based live-assist systems. Exacting specs, outstanding quality, absolute reliability and total connectivity make this... View Details

  • VX1221 - 6 AES

    The PCI Express version of the VX1221HR sound card for linear-audio-based live-assist systems. Exacting specs, outstanding quality, absolute reliability and total connectivity make this new generation the number one choice... View Details

  • VX822 - 4 AES&sym

    Multichannel sound card designed for demanding applications in broadcast such as live-assist, permanent playback, multichannel playback.

    ... View Details
  • Trace D4

    The TRACE D4 offers 4 AES/EBU stereo I/Os with 24 Bit and samplerates up to 212 kHz. ... View Details

  • Delta 1010 - 4 sym

    8 x 8 analog I/O
    digital I/O with PCM and AC-3/DTS pass-through
    1 x 1 MIDI I/O
    directly drive up to 7.1 surround
    word clock I/O for sample accurate device... View Details

  • Trace8 4 stereo sym

    TRACE 8 is an audio/MIDI system, developed to meet highest demands on sound, latency, features and reliability. The... View Details

  • Delta 410 Firewire - 4 sym

    FireWire 410 is a FireWire-compatible audio/MIDI interface that has it all—power, flexibility, compact size and low price. FireWire 410’s 4-in/10-out configuration complete with preamps is perfect for personal recording,... View Details

  • Layla - 4 sym

    Layla3G is the third generation of our flagship PCI based multitrack digital recorder. The original Layla premiered seven years ago to critical acclaim, including a TEC award nomination. Since then... View Details

  • Phase 88 - 4 sym

    With the PHASE 88 Audio System, TerraTec Producer provides ... View Details

  • ESP 1010e - 4 unbalanced

    ESP1010e is the perfect audio gear for multi channel recording applications in your home studio and for home entertainment. The upgraded version of our famous ESP1010 is now a PCIe... View Details

  • Delta 1010 LT - 4 unbal.

    8 x 8 unbalanced analog I/O
    2 built-in mic preamps
    1 x 1 MIDI I/O
    word clock I/O for sample accurate device synchronization
    S/PDIF digital I/O with PCM and AC-3/DTS... View Details

  • VX442 - 2 sym - 1 AES

    Many ways to handle high quality audio
    The VX442 features six inputs/outputs with exceptional audio quality at 96 kHz/24-bit. It's all you need... View Details

  • PCX924 HR 1 AES & sym

    The PCX924HR stereo sound card benefits from the characteristics of Digigram's new HR (High resolution) series of PCX sound cards.

    The HR series is the new industry... View Details

  • VX222 - 1 AES & sym

    High quality, versatile sound card
    The VX222HR brings Digigram's outstanding audio quality and famous reliability to demanding professional audio applications such as

        * broadcast
        * post-production
       ... View Details

  • Sound4 FM

    These cards are thus intended to be installed inside a PC in a Linux or a Windows environment.
        The Sound4FM4 card is 100% autonomous. All of the audio processing... View Details

  • Trace Pro 1 AES & sym

    This newly developed PCI audio system provides one stereo analog input/output and one stereo digital input/output with up to 192 kHz as well as one WordClock/SuperClock input. The superb feature... View Details

  • Trace Alpha

    TRACE ALPHA is an audio/MIDI system, developed to meet highest demands on sound, latency, features and reliability.

    The TRACE ALPHA provides one stereo analog input/output and one stereo digital... View Details

  • Echoaudio MiaMidi 1 balanced in/out

    If you're serious about digital audio, you shouldn't settle for anything less than a truly professional audio interface.... and now with MiaMIDI you don't have to. MiaMIDI offers a pair... View Details

  • Delta 2496 1 unbal. stereo

    The Audiophile 2496 embodies a quantum leap in computer audio fidelity and performance unequaled by other audio cards in its price range. This critically acclaimed PCI card features premium... View Details

  • ESI Juli@ Xte

    Juli@ XTe it features highest quality 24-bit 192Khz ADC (114dB) and DAC (112dB) for only the best quality audio.

    Its unique swappable I/O socket allows you to... View Details

  • on board soundcard - 1 asym

    The audio on board can in major of the case by also used.

    Realtek chipset or laptop on board audio is compatible with the WDM standart that we use.

    ... View Details