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On Air

Broadcasting software

The software modules of the "on air" section are basically used for playing audio on air. These software parts are installed on the machine in the studio.
Several "on air" modules can be combined together on the same machine to fullfil the needed function.

Typically we can find one SEND and 2 CARTs on a machine to have a 4 stereo playout machine as studio player

  • SEND broadcasting

    SEND is playing the audio file prepared in a playliste by music or traffic scheduling. It's able to play any file format at any bitrate also mixed together

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    CARTWALL is a instant playout machine used to broadcast station ID, liner or music beds. Any soundfile at any bitrate can be played. Sound file dropped from ZENON database... View Details
  • Reminder

    Reminder is a preload process for CARTWALL, that give the possibility to preload the CARTWALL over the network with any soundfiles form your windows Explorer desktop.

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  • HTML Viewer

    show on any screen metadatas information linked to an audio item. This metadainformation is stored in HTML format. So any information type (text, picture, video embedded, or haperlink) can... View Details
  • Regional playout

    over these module, you will be able to control your local an sub local items. Not only commercial or news will be played as local content, but also jingles... View Details