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Visual Radio

Put Your Radio on HD screen

Audio preroll analyzing
Camera switching is done before the Person is talking

Switching done by mod. Level
On any input we assign an audio input, and the audio level is used to calculate which camera is used as single input or in virtual view composed by several camera inputs.

See how it works here:

  • Visual Radio

    Automatic and manual video

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  • PTZ Cameras

    PTZ cameras can be controlled from Software to get the right view angle to the person talking

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  • static Cameras

    As static cameras small cam like GoPro can be used to get a full HD or better image quality.

    Output will be converted from HDMI to SDI to be commpatible... View Details

  • Video Matrix

    Blackmagic matrix are also directly controlled from Visual Radio modul in order to get the right cam, switched to the right computer when more than 1 studio is shared between... View Details