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Broadcast Products / Database



Database module
The database module are used to search, record , duplicate or backup the database of audio files and metadatas

  • MSSQL Express 2008

    Easy to get. Free to use.
        * Available free for both development and deployment.
        * Quickly build and deploy your database solution.
        * Backup and restore with... View Details

  • MYSQL Classic

    MySQL Classic Edition is the ideal embedded database for ISVs, OEMs and VARs developing read-intensive applications using the MyISAM storage engine. It is proven as a high performance and zero... View Details

  • CMS content mgt

    The CMS is a central WEB oriented and managed database.
    It is used to managed the whole information/content that a radio station has to control and maintain.
    View Details
  • extended Metadatas

    Any kind of link can be add to song or album. Type of external link can be:

    picture for an artiste,
    cd cover
    Cd information View Details

  • Browser

    Over the Browser , the database will be parsed to find some title. The search process is easy, The maching song is found even the search text is located at... View Details
  • Rotation

    ROTATION is used for recording new entry in the database.

    The audio database is also managed here.

    any file format can be imported over this tool in the database. The stored file... View Details

  • Inumerica Link

    Automatic data exchange with iNumerica File transfert

    See how it works here

    ... View Details
  • External link

    The Zenon-Media database can be connected in real time to lots of other databases to have audio file synchronized and replicate.
    This synchronization can be done once or in a... View Details
  • Mail receiver POP3

    Receive some audio file with metadatas over e-mail and integrate them automatically in the Zenon Database is done over the software module POPextract

    ... View Details