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Produits Radio / Recording/Editing


Record/edit audio track

Different modules can be used to make recording or editing. Depending if you need an automatic record process , manual recoding, time shifting,... you will use te appropriate software module in our product range

  • EasyEdit v3

    EasyEdit3 is a very simple to use Audio editing system. Working in a non destructve way. The editor is able to combine all audio format without doing conversion. Drag&Drop a... View Details

  • Adobe Audition link

    Zenon-Media can use as external Audio editor adobe Edition . The link to this Editor is fully integrated. So Drag&Drop and direct database saving process are integrated.

    You need more... View Details

  • Podcasting

    Over this module it would be possible to generate the RSS feeds and the mp3 files of the broadcasts. the generation is fully automatic and controlled by trigger in the... View Details
  • Autorecording

    on request by opening a fader, pressing a button , start on time or receiving a dry contact you can start a record, store it in any quality directly in... View Details

  • Mail receiver

    Receive some audio file with metadatas over e-mail and integrate them automatically in the Zenon Database is done over the software module POP3extract

    ... View Details
  • repondeur interactif

    Le répondeur automatique permet d'enregistrer les appels de vos journalistes ou auditeurs et de les stocker en base de données centrale pour montage ou diffusion. L'enregistrement est fait directement depis... View Details

  • Audio Logging

    Universal Aircheck is a product designed to record 24 hours a day the on air broadcasted audio. The amount of channels and the duration of record is customized. Recorded audio... View Details

  • Import automatique

    Universal import permet d'importer, de convertir, de couper proprement les sons, de les normaliser,... et ce depuis tous les formats audios depuis un répertoire FTP, UDP ou partagé.

    Lors d'un... View Details