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Broadcast Products / Planification


clock and on air grid

Prepare your playlist, insert your music , commercial , magazine. Merge all your content to create the day log.

  • Gridmanager

    Merge your  music scheduling and commercial planification together. Prepare you day grid with your on time event and fix position.... View Details
  • Musicmaster RTC (real time change)

    a direct link exist with the Musicmaster database to change in the playlst audio item with some other compatible respecting the rotation rules in the music scheduling
    ... View Details
  • Trafficmanager

    commercial management and planification. Store your customer , add their traffic campagne, and take care of their product profile to schedule their spots according product category separation

    ... View Details
  • Facebook Voting

    Together with Musicmaster MMlive, it’s possible to synchronize the on air player even in Automatic or in Live playout with voting solution included in Facebook.

    ... View Details