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Produits Radio / Metadatas export

Metadatas export

Real time synchro.

all action done on air or in planification step are synchronized automatically to be used on the WEB , RDS or other visual export way (like TDMB. DVB-H,...)

  • Facebook Voting

    Together with Musicmaster MMlive, it’s possible to synchronize the on air player even in Automatic or in Live playout with voting solution included in Facebook.

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  • Playlistshow

    Ce module présente à l'écran la plaxliste en cours de lecture. Hormis le tite et l interprète on peut également présneté des iages (pochette Cd, images promotionelles,...). La sotire video... View Details
  • Playlist export

    Exporter les playliste en temps réel dans n'importe quel format. L'export peut être un fichier PHP, HTML, XML,... Le transfert vers le provider par FTp est aussi automatisé et fait... View Details

  • Hookgenerator

    Hook Generator export all or some of the hooks of the on air database.

    Typically usage is to build on the Web page a database with the title stored... View Details
  • Podcasting

    Over this module it would be possible to generate the RSS feeds and the mp3 files of the broadcasts. the generation is fully automatic and controlled by trigger in the... View Details
  • Slide Show Generator

    synchronisé avec l'élément en cours de diffusion des informations visuelles peuvent être générés toutes les N secondes formant un dia show

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  • RDS UECP output

    Over the RDS UECP module it is possible to send the running song information on the PS or RT display. The output is on a serial port in a UECP... View Details

  • Shoutcast stream driver

    Requested by the increase of the thematic channels and the web streaming, ZENON-MEDIA has developed an ASIO Driver able to connect directly to shoutcast or Icecast2 Server. So any ZENON-MEDIA... View Details