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zenon New media presented at SIEL&SATIS Wednesday, 01 October 2008

To give the best response to our customer requests and specially our french customer , we invite you to visit us at the SIEL & SATIS exhibition to assist to the presentation of our new commercial planification system: Traffic 2000. Over the basic planification functionalites , Traffic 2000 include also for example the billing , sales force following, campaign statistical, comptability export facilities. Radio Scoop in Lyon will be the first french radio station using Traffic 2000 with the GIE certification.

The integration of the new media in the ALL IN ONE AUDIO software suite is done over some new module offering the management of the metadatas over a CMS (content management system). Over this CMS the radio station will be able to link in real time the information from the on air studio (scheduling, hooks,...) to a metadatas database (pictures, slide show, video, weather map,...). This database is used to generate Web pages for Web 2.0, or associated datas for the digital broadcasting (T-DMC, BIFs).

More and more request for thematic Web channel are needed. Zenon-Media has developped a SHOUTCAST ASIO driver that permit a direct broadcasting from the PC to the shoutcast server without using an external software part. The power of the actual PC's give the possibility to playout around 30 streams from one PC. A special version of this driver is installed at Radio classique in a surround 5.1 version. Here a HD stream is generated using an encoding system form Fraunhofer institut (creator with Philips of the mp3 encoder).

The AXIA driver over IP are completed integrated as virtual audio card but also for all GPI control going over the IP link. The mixing console command are sent all over the driver (fader start, PFL, control button,...) so no extra external cableling is needed. LAGARDERE Group is successfully using this technology at EUROPA FM (Bucarest) over years. Thanks to SAVE diffusion joining the resellers and technical partner group of Zenon Media this integration was accelerated.

The ALL IN ONE Audio solution are ergonomical, secured, expansible, up to date and more and more used around you.

EXHIBITION SIEL&SATIS-RADIO Stand F85 from 20 to 23 octobre 2008
(Ask for invitation by mail at charuel@zenon-media.com or by phone on +33 1 47 85 63 52)