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zenon NEW SUPPORT Procedure Wednesday, 19 November 2008

After long time using the mail service: "support at zenon-media dot com" to send us your support request, we have optimized the support follow up.
Now the support ticket is embedded in our Webpage in your own main pages, so we can provide a personalized service for you.

The mail address "support at zenon-media dot com" is more and more spamed and the following of the ticket was not easy for team work.

So we have launched now a support ticket system in our Webpage. You need to registered yourself to build an account. We will add your profile in your "radio station". So all support request provided by a person in the same radio can be followed by all other from your radio station.

In the same time we have increased the file exchange flexibility by opening a personalized file exchange solution for each radio station. you can upload your file independly from any support ticket and we can send you also any file (for update, quotation,...). Over these file exchange we don't need a dedicated ftp server anymore. All is controlled over our Webpage.

For small discussion you will also find a chat system where discussion can be put if y support ticket is not needed for just a simple question.

We invite you to join the new support process , in some weeks the old mail address will be stoppt. So go on our Webpage to create your account today.

See here how to create new support ticket of chat offline with us


General Manager