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zenon Stream your Pc VGA output ! Thursday, 14 October 2010

With the new "Radioprojector", design your visual stream and connect the VGA connector to the Radioprojector to have a flash, Android, Iphone, Ipad compatible visual stream.

Together with our Zenon display you can publish interactive content, slide show, rss feeds with some news from the Web, Video associated to audio items,...

The full screen of the Pc (VGA output) in our control room is just connected to the "radioprojector" VGA in, and the output is directly streamed.

A sample of output can be see here : http://players.creacast.com/creacast/creacast_tv/

Conneciton for your Iphone is here: http://str81.creacast.com/creacast_tv/screen.stream/playlist.m3u8