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zenon EasyEdit 3 Released Friday, 30 November 2012

The latest version of EasyEdit 3 v3.3.9 offers now possibility to include in the audio editing Soundprocessing like VST plugin and also a video preview before importing any video file format.
As before all audio file format can be Edit without conversion in EasyEdit. Now Drag&Drop of a video file in the latest version is importing and showing in a preview all the common video format (flv, mp4, H264, mov,...) you can scrub and preview the video , and if journalist wants to Edit the audio track of this video, a single click will import the audio track of the video.

Next to the classical audio multitrack editing, the latest release include now customer designed audio processing plug-ins, that journalist can easily use by applying on an audio selection the name of the process. The preset of the sound process (like VST) can be designed over GUI for technician or Administrator. No audio knowledge is required for journalist to apply for example compression, limiting or denoiser....
Project can be stored as template so recurring News or Weather production can start each time from a project template, like you do it in Word from microsoft.
Direct export from EasyEdit to podcast with file conversion and XML generation is also part of the latest version.