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zenon Europe1 France Reported about our Datacenter Thursday, 16 January 2014

Today on 16.01.2014 in the News , Europe 1 did a short report on the security datacenter Deltalis that we use for all our storage.

Original report in French can be listen here.

Our secured cloud storage solution is used:

    * in case of exchange of confidential data between several radio station location, shared folders between mobile and laptops from journalists
    * automatic importation of audio in the playout database from the shared folder (journalist drop the audio in it's local shared folder and the audio will be automatically import in the on air database)
The datacenter hosted also for the radios station online backup server used for:
   * virtual server dedicated for radio solution
   * stream player (Webradio) where the playout is sent to Webcasting platform
   * backup player able to broadcast directly in audio over IP to the transmitter location to secure the main playout location (playout includes the daily scheduled commercial and is not only a backup audio feed)
more details on Deltalis here