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Virtual streaming soundcard Sunday, 06 July 2008, Virtual streaming soundcard

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Zenon press

Zenon-Media has developped a "virtual" ASIO soundcard able to direct broadcast to ICECAST or SHOUTCAST server

On this technology we are now able to see in any windows application a soundcard directly connected to an icecast or shoutcast server.
The limit of the amount of "virtual" soundcard is given by the power of the CPU.
Thanks to this technology we have now running f.e. on a Quad Core Intel 2.8 Ghz over 30 SEND (automatic playlist player) wihtout any physical soundcard.
Thanks to this driver and the bladeserver we can propose on some 19" 5 U rack solution up to 200 thematic channels for large stream farm needs.

This driver combine with the Zenon-Media knoweledge and experience in radio automation open new doors in the on demand radio streaming world.

On top of this , the combination of the SEND with Musicmaster living log possibility offer to end user listener a real time "on demand" streaming alternativ. On the Web front end users can see from each channel the proposed playlist and interact on an position with matchig altrnativ songs !
Radio 2.0 happens today