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Live Audio Player

Create your playlist , store your presentation and set in the List some mark locator for the different scene , act and presets.
Inserting some new audio or video item is so simple as just Drag & Drop them from windows environnment. The audio format is totally free (Mpeg 1 layer 2, layer 3, linear files, any bitrate, any sampling frequency can be used. For video just install the different codec for MP2, DIVX,… on the pc and you will be use the different video formats.

  • Live Audio Player
    • Playback the item is done when you press the start button. All action can be done over dedicated interfaces, GPIO, mixing consoles,…

      •    Playback that must be synchronized can be play over the mutlitrack channel
      •    All item can be played on start signal as independant channel.
      •    Each channel can be used also as record channel in full duplex mode

      LAP exist in different version
      LAP 8:     4 stereo channels
      LAP 16 : extend the LAP8 with 8 (7.1) mono multitrack channels
      LAP 24: 4 stereos channels and 2 multitrack channels 7.1

      Possible Audio-output 
      LAP X/A: Audio outputs on AES/EBU
      LAP X/M: Audio outputs on MADI optical
      LAP X/S: Audio output on analog XLR balanced
      LAP X/T: output on TDIF

      Supported Audio-Format:
      •    MPEG 1 Layer 2 all bitrate
      •    MPEG 1 Layer 3 all bitrate
      •    WAV from 8 khz – 8 bits upto 48 khz – 16 bits
      •    AIFF
      •    CCITT A-law, μ-law