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Streamed Audio playout

POS stream player

In the point of sales we host a simple box used as a stream playout. no PC is needed, easy to maintain, output of the box i connected to the amplifier like any audio sources.
The player is connected over to the broadband Internet/intranet access.

  • POS stream player
    • The stream player in the shop can be hosted on any PC in the store a small software will be installed on any kind of Computer. This player is controlled by our database. No intervention on the local computer is needed.

      In this case  the audio is play out over the on board audio card of your computer.

      Often our customers are using a cashier PC for this audio playout.

      Presentation of the stream Player is here

  • POS stream player
    • Instore playout can also be a Barix Exstreamer. Teh Barix is a small box witha ADSL connection to get in and an audio connection on the rear to playout.

  • POS stream player
    • The monitoring and the survey of the audio is done in real time over a dedicated Web Page, where the activity and link monitoring is done in real time.

      E-mail notification occurs as soon as some error are detected on the local playout.