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Instore Player

In store playout

The instore player offer the best solution in case of intensive local specific audio content. Because each player has his specific audio on the local hard disc, all music playliste and local commercial and jingle audio are stored locally on the player.

They is no need to have a permanent Internet access from and to the player so the firewall configuration is easier to close the network access to and from the player.

  • In store playout
    • We suggest to have a remote access to the player over ADLS f.e. so that maintenance action and playliste update can be easily done. But this is not necessary because playliste and soundfile updates can be done over CD or DVD.

      The typical structure in this case is to have a repartition FTP server in the customer network which accessible from any player from the store over the WAN where the soundfiles, and configuration are temporarily stored. This FTP server will be accessed from outdoor to upload all playliste for any player.

      To have an easier planification we suggest to use as for the WEB concept separated player but this time on the same machine. Where a music playliste is perhaps playing for all the shop the same music and the commercial and shop jingle are added as local “regionalisation” and will be different for each shop.

      The commercial and jingle will be planed as for the Web over a php interface from commercial planification and the music programmation will be done over dedicated software like musicmaster or selector,…

      On the player in the shop we have the same configuration as for WEB player, we have 2 software one is playing the music playliste with the commercial and jingle trigger in it, the second is playing on trigger notification from music the commercial part dedicated for each shop.